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MXCW640's are in!

We have added 70 units to our inventory and 3 access points!

Shure MXCW640 - Overview

Configurable as Chairman, Delegate, Listener, or Ambient Microphone unit.

The Shure MXCW640 Wireless Conference Unit combines a microphone, loudspeaker, and user controls in an integrated wireless unit that complements any meeting space. Wireless convenience eliminates the need to drill holes or route cables, and makes setup for temporary meetings or in rooms with flexible seating quick and easy. A smart rechargeable Li-Ion battery (included) lasts over 11 hours, and a choice of gooseneck microphones provides excellent sound voice capture. The MXCW640 Wireless Conference Unit brings wireless convenience to discussions and conferences. The unit can be configured for Chairman, Delegate, Listener, or Ambient Microphone operation and supports multiple microphone activation modes to suit different meeting styles. The 4.3-inch color touchscreen provides easy access to meeting information, including the speaker list, voting, and interpretation channel selection. The 10-pin modular connection accommodates MXC-series gooseneck microphones (sold separately) and can be locked for added security. The built-in loudspeaker provides high intelligibility and remains on even when the microphone is active. Speak and mute/function buttons provide positive feedback when pressed and include LED status indicators. An NFC ID card slot allows identification of meeting participants. Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks with individual volume controls provide comfortable listening to interpretation channels or floor audio through headphones or earphones. The MXCW640 operates for over 11 hours on a fully-charged battery. The SB930 rechargeable Li-Ion battery (included) slides into the rear of the conference unit, and is removable for charging in the MXCWNCS networked charging station. A micro-USB port allows the battery to be charged while installed, while the conference unit is operating.

Shure MXCW640 Features

  • 4.3" color touchscreen displays user controls, voting, or meeting information

  • 10-pin modular lockable connection for MXC-series gooseneck microphones

  • Built-in loudspeaker remains on when microphone is activated

  • Speak and mute/function buttons with LED status indicators

  • NFC ID card slot for participant identification

  • Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks with volume controls

  • SB930 removable rechargeable Li-Ion battery (included) provides over 11 hours of runtime

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